The Gates Of Glory


Uchihas Bloodline Clan --- U.B.C was created by this person.He's a good leader and he'll never leave or betray his clan.Yes its true tht he had probs with internet and culdn't edit our clan for a short time but to exchange his mistake he changed whole Googlepages.com Clan to Freewebs...Ask old members if you wana know wut the old site was like.We think its pretty big reason to add him to The Gates Of Glory.


Our gratest Co-Leader.he never messed up,he never thought of betraying our clan and he always helped to edit it.hes a great person and our leader said tht he is his first and best Member.and we all belive,that FlameBlazer will remain in Uchihas Bloodline ranks.So we are adding him to The Gates Of Glory becouse of those reasons.

TrollWarLord and HeavenKNight55

MOst Loyal members.they always helped and always was friendly and good persons.We add them to The Gates Of Glory for their good deeds and friendly hearts.


Clan Council --- CC