Clan History

Our clan was created by Twix4you . the reason why he have created this clan is becouse Dark_Elites_Clan got hacked.now about name of this clan...the uchihas sharingan clan wuld have sound a bit nostalgic...sharingan... there is alot of clans with the sharingan in their names...so Twix4you have decided that our clan will b called uchihas_bloodline_clan...'couse we all kno that uchihas bloodline is sharingan...the evil eyes...about most of our benefits...yes..its true that we have some copyed things but still...copying is the most popular activitie in clan making so...twix4you copyed some ideas but most of them was made originaly by him.now about our co-leaders and special leaders...co-leaders are loyal and skilled peoples.each of them have their own '+' and '-' so be respectful to them..our special leaders is females.its becouse we dont have much girls playin N-A so in this clan they have a lot of benefits.Wuts with these servers? well,Creator thought that puttin all of benefits in one HomePage will be too much so he got a good idea...he've created servers for each group of benefits...for example...Main server is for all the most inportant lists..somethin like members list..villages...squads and etc...2nd server is for histories and 3rd server is for funny benefits.Games,Music,Videos,Polls Themes and etc...so as you can see this was most likely a guide to our Uchihas_Bloodline_Clan...Enjoy!

We have started recruiting members only when our site was fully done.forst we got our friends from our old clans then some guys from naruto-boards.com and so two of those guys showed that they are good and loyal.Aiman_Naruto123 and Hamazue--Clan bacame our co-leaders.As we all kno PrettySakura is leader cuz shes strongest female ninja here and shes very famous.why shes famous? becouse the most popular guys likes her! this may  sound a but lame but thats true.xD And from now on we've created invitaions page cuz we want all our members to help get new guys!

Our clan and Shinobiz of the Mist started a war against Xgames.he's extremely dangerous for all clan leaders cuz he's stealing members.Rainaka the leader of shinobiz of the mist posted bout Xgames in naruto-boards.and even admin got interested.so we have won that battle annd Xgames is banished from our clans for ever.If you see him here,in our site please spam on him and dont let him destroy our clan!

We have just got our first traitor.--SharkFace1234..he have left our clan becouse we did mistake in his name when we have been adding him to our lists.He culd have only said that he leaves our clan but mayb than idea sounded too lame for him so he have called us and our Leader FUCKING BITCHES.so we have added SharkFace1234 in our Doom Gaates.

The Clan site have been changed to Freewebs.com becouse our leader wanted to refresh this clan.

Clan Council ---- CC